General Rules & Philosophy

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General Rules & Philosophy

Post by Admin on Wed Oct 21, 2015 7:14 pm

Welcome on this forum!

It has been created within the "Association Internationale des Aphasiques" (AIA) to allow people with aphasia, their relatives, and professionals to meet and discuss together.
Mainly, this forum is meant to talk about aphasia but it also gives a large space to other types discussions, a place where our members with aphasia can express themselves without being judged on their difficulties of expression.

Who can be a member of the forum?
Anyone: persons with aphasia, their relatives and friends, professionals or anyone concerned or interested in aphasia. Once you register on the forum, you are invited to voluntarily join the "group" corresponding to your situation. If you want to create a profile representing your official aphasia association, you are also invited to mention it.
Click here to see how the groups work and how to join them

Why did we create this forum?

First of all we wanted to have a visible place to collect and share information, testimonials and discussions about aphasia.
But we also wanted to create a relax  and comfortable place where people with aphasia can discuss about all sorts of topics, knowing that they will not be judged on their difficulties to write and express themselves. It also gives the opportunity to meet other people living in the same area.

How does it work?
Philosophically, we want this forum to guarantee the respect and tolerance between our members. Any behaviour not corresponding to this critical point will lead to a warning, or a ban if the warning has not been respected. The moderators are the persons in charge of warnings and bans, but any member has the possibility to report a post by clicking on the corresponding button.

Technically, the bold fonts and colours will be used only by the administrator and the moderators, when they speak for the moderation. As an illustration, a member of moderation team writing in the regular black font does it on a personal basis, expressing his own opinions; the same member writing in blue bold font is expressing our forum policy.

The forum is not a place for advertising. Any advertising post will be removed and sanctions taken.

We also ask our members to respect the privacy of other members/non members. It means that no private data (name, address, phone numbers, or email addresses) can be posted on the forum (this does not apply to Associations). If you want to give, for example the name and address of a professional, please do it through private message. You are also invited to share your own personal data through your profile (Facebook, skype, personal email, etc.).

Most of the sections of the forum are public, but we have kept private the "Discussion" section (Meetings, Hobbies, and others), meaning that only the members of the forum can read and participate to the discussions.

Another point also seems critical to us: the different languages used on the forum. This is meant to be an international forum, where people from all countries, cultures and languages. We want at the same time encourage the dialogue between those countries and culture, using the English as a basis, but we want to give the opportunity to anyone not speaking English (at all, or not enough to have a conversation) to participate in their own language. For that, we recommend to use for example [French] or [Portuguese] before the title of their message. Google Translate tool can also be used to translate messages from other languages.
Click here if you want to know how to get the whole forum in your own language.

If you have any suggestion to make, please do it in the dedicated topic of this section.


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