How to get the forum in your own language?

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How to get the forum in your own language?

Post by Admin on Sat Oct 24, 2015 12:09 pm

We wanted this forum to be accessible to most people, all around the world. English is the most widespread and international language, but we understand that not all our members can read or express themselves comfortably in English.

This is why we decided to integrate to the forum a Google Translator bar, which will help you get the page translated into your language.

This bar appears on the top of any page of the forum.
- If you want to have the pages translated, click on the "translation" button
- If you prefer to keep the English version, click on the X button on the right side on the bar (which will still be available as a minimized version, on the right bottom side of your screen. You just have to click on it to reactivate the bar.)

The translations offered by Google Translator are sometimes good, sometimes bad (depending on the subject and the languages), but we hope it will be helpful.


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